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Rooney back to Everton looks certain

Manchester United’s legend Wayne Rooney’s future has been on a roller coaster ride right after the conclusion of 2016-17 season. With age not on his side, his stay at United is likely to end before the new season.

There are plenty of offers banging his door but Rooney has clearly stated that he will play for the reds or his former club Everton.


“ There’s lots of offers on the table, both in England and abroad and really that’s what I have to decide on.
I’ve played for two Premier League clubs and they’re the only two Premier League clubs I’ll play for.”

“I think I just have to make a decision in terms of a football decision, and that’s what I’ll do.
I’ll do that in the next few weeks with my family while I’m away and, honestly, as soon as I know what’s going on then, I’m sure you will.” Rooney said in a press conference.”

United are currently chasing Real Madrid’s star duo Alvaro Morata and James Rodriguez. Both players can play in Rooney’s position which definitely shows Rooney has no place in starting lineup. With Mourinho backing the complete transformation of Manchester United, Rooney has a very bleak chance of fitting in it. Since he wants to play for either United or Everton, the only way open for him is returning to his Childhood club.

Rooney in Everton Jersey
Rooney has scored 183 goals in 393 appearances for the Red Devils. United legend definitely deserves a fitting send-off as his career for United is definitely at the brink of ending.

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