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Ryan Giggs reveals the moment in his career when he ‘Cried’ on the Football pitch

Ryan Giggs

Manchester United legend recently revealed the only moment that made him cry on the pitch in his Football Career.

In the Career of 13 Premier League titles and four FA Cups, Ryan Giggs in a recent interview told about the most emotional moment of his career. If you’ve played for 24 years as a professional football player, it isn’t one of the easiest of questions when you’re asked to pick the best moment of your career. And it certainly wasn’t for Man United Legend either.

Although there were plenty of overwhelming moments in his career, Ryan Giggs picked the Champions League Final of 1999 in Barcelona as the best moment of his career. And not only for Giggs, it was one of the most dramatic moments in the history of football when Manchester United won the treble in the popularly known ‘Fergie-Time’.

The Only time Ryan Giggs cried on a Football pitch:

“The best moment I’ve ever had on a football pitch was when that final whistle went at the Nou Camp and I actually did cry,” he explained.

“It’s the only time I have cried on a football pitch because the emotions just took over.”

He added: “No one particular game comes to my mind, it was just the big wins, the Champions League wins, where we came in and were all celebrating, or a couple of last-minute goals to win the game.”

“That was when the changing room was really buzzing, that was when everyone was enjoying it. And then the flipside, the ones when you got a dressing down, got a telling off from the manager, they’re the ones that really stick in my mind a lot more than actually celebrating.”

“But we had some great times, because you do when you win a big game. You can’t wait to get back in the dressing room and celebrate with the lads.”

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