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Saudi Arabian GP: Max Verstappen says it’s unfair to penalize only him and not Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 News: Max Verstappen claims that it is unfair while he got the penalty, his rival Lewis Hamilton was spared by the stewards.


Saudi Arabian GP: The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix’s race was a contentious event, where multiple incidents happened between the two title protagonists, which further widened the conflict between the two teams.

Though, the race was won by Lewis Hamilton after a 50-lap long drama. Moreover, he also earned the fastest lap point by the end of the race. That means the last race of the season- the Abu Dhabi GP will be the winner takes all contest.

But, Verstappen also holds the advantage of a better record on the table. If Hamilton and the Red Bull ace fail to finish the race, then the Dutchman will lift the title. However, it is unlikely that Verstappenw would be relying on that option.

For him, winning obviously would be an absolute necessity. The last three races have genuinely kept him at the back foot, as he lost a considerable lead over the Briton in quick succession.

Formula 1 News: Max Verstappen says it’s unfair to penalize him and not Lewis Hamilton

Saudi Arabian GP: Max Verstappen claims the situation is unfair

Amidst all the intense moments on the track this Sunday, Verstappen was at the losing end while facing the scrutiny of stewards. The Dutchman was penalised with a five-second penalty for his illicit overtaking, and later a 10-second penalty was added after the race.

Reacting to it, Verstappen thinks that it’s unfair. While he was penalised, his rival Lewis Hamilton was left free. The 24-year-old driver claims even Hamilton missed the corner and wasn’t charged for the same.

“Yeah, so he had the run, similar to Brazil, and I braked late and I assume I went a little bit off-line at one limit, I guess, and I had a moment,” Verstappen told media after the race.

“I went astray, but he also didn’t get the corner, so we both fundamentally avoided the corner, and I don’t believe it’s just to then say that I get a penalty but, yeah, it is what it is.”

Formula 1 News: Max Verstappen says it’s unfair to penalize him and not Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 News: Red Bull driver tried to give space

While Verstappen was instructed to withdraw his lead to hamilton for the illegal overtake. Hamilton barged into him when the former complied with the obligation. The Briton initially accused his rival of brake-testing.

However, later he learned that Verstappen was letting him go ahead. Hamilton couldn’t get it, as he wasn’t informed by his team yet. Nevertheless, Verstappen explains what happened at that time.

“At one period, they [Red Bull] informed me I had to return the position,” he explained. “That was, I think, just ahead [Turn] 22. So after [Turns] 22-23, I went to drive to the right side, I reduced speed and I was braking and downshifting, and he just lingered super close behind me, and I don’t really realise why.”

“I was just attempting to let him by. I’m just going slower and slower, pulling the downshift. We had a… oh I don’t know, a miscommunication or whatever, and he fell into the back of me, and that was it.”

Formula 1 News: Max Verstappen says it’s unfair to penalize him and not Lewis Hamilton


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