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Schalke manager Gross admits Arsenal summer signings did not help his cause

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Schalke FC manager Christian Gross has been fired by the club after the recent loss.

It has really been a terrible season for Schalke FC. Since finishing second in the Bundesliga in the 2017-18 season the club hasn’t been able to make the top half of the table in any of the further seasons. It seems like they were slowly falling down the pecking order.

In terms of performances, you could say that this season is rock bottom for the German club. Schalke are at the bottom of the Bundesliga with just 9 points in 23 games with just one victory and 6 draws.

Things really couldn’t get any worse for the club. Former Tottenham manager Christian Gross was the man at the helm for the club. Gross joined the club just 2 months back and there were hopes that the manager would be able to lead them out of their troubles.

But things did not go as planned. The manager had the freedom to make signings however he didn’t have much transfer cap to operate with. Schalke did bring in 4 players in the 2020-21 season but none of them could really have an impact.

Schalke manager Gross admits Arsenal summer signings did not help his cause
Christian Gross has been sacked by Chelsea just after 2 months of his arrival.

The problem seems to have roots deep within the structure of the club. Over the years many talented players have left the club in search of glory. But Schalke was still an attraction for young talent; however, that isn’t the case anymore.

When asked by the media Gross said that he put his faith in the summer signings of the club. Although it didn’t quite work out for him and now the manager finds himself looking for a new club.

“Things did not go well” with Kolasinac and Mustafi at Schalke FC

"Things did not go well" with Kolasinac and Mustafi at Schalke FC
Things didn’t work out with Kolasinac and Mustafi for Christian Gross.

After Schalke’s 5-1 loss to Stuttgart last Saturday the club made the decision to fire Mr Gross. Post that a Swiss media outlet Blick went on to interview him. There were questions like what would he have done differently.

To which he responded, “I wouldn’t get the same players again in winter.” The media outlet asked if he was referring to Kolasinac and Mustafi specifically, he added:  “They are experienced, these players, but yes, everything did not go well.

“They would also not have been available for Schalke if they had played often (at Arsenal).” Judging by the comments it looks as if the manager wasn’t much in favor of making these signings with Schalke.

Apparently Kolasinac and Mustafi were part of a senior group of players who raised concerns about the manager prior to the game. Perhaps the manager’s frustration is justified considering the events which unfolded.

Anyhow Schalke will definitely face relegation this season. The club has a need to consolidate and focus on how to stop their bleeding. A club like theirs cannot afford to stay out of the Bundesliga for too long.

As for Kolasinac and Mustafi, Kolasinac will be heading back to the Emirates at the end of the season hoping to get a place in the squad, whereas Mustafi might already have started looking for a new club.


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