See the Jimmy Neesham’s reply to Pakistani actress marriage proposal

Pakistani actress Sher Shinwari proposed New Zealand all-rounder Jimmy Neesham, ‘ Would you like to be the daddy of my future kids.’

New Zealand all-rounder Jimmy Neesham is famous for his souvenir twitter conversations. Because most of the time he had come in the picture through his social media accounts.

Similarly, in the present-day New Zealand star all-rounder once again came in the public frame. Due to his conversation with Pakistani actress Sher Shinwari through via his twitter account.

At that time Jimmy Neesham was not part of the New Zealand tour of Sri Lanka. As he was dropped out from the team for 3 matches T20 series. However, they lost the test series. Because Sri Lanks won the first match.

Later both the test matches were drawn. Therefore they lose the test series by 1-0. On the other hand, visitors pocketed the T20 series by the lead of 2-1. As a result, they won two continuous matches and lost the last match.

These series took place after the world cup 2019. As they lost the final match against the England cricket team. So he said that after watching the highlights of the World cup 2019 final match during the ashes series he felt very bad.

Ben Stokes was lucky during world cup 2019.

Further, he continued and explains the incidence. He told us that we were unlucky because almost 7 to 8 batsmen caught in row one by one. So it was one of the unexpected things that happened to us.

In the second innings, another unlucky thing happened with us i.e Ben Stokes busted enormously on New Zealand. However, he was the lucky guy who scores almost 85 runs. But we can’t say him as a lucky player because his hard work had turned into his success.

Henceforth, That’s all you can really do is work as hard as you can to give yourself the chance to be lucky. And then you just have to shrug your shoulders and go it wasn’t our day, that day, ” Neesham concluded.

Pakistani actress proposed Jimmy Neesham openly through her twitter

Pakistani actress Sher Shinwari proposed New Zealand all-rounder Jimmy Neesham. She directly proposed him and kept a marriage proposal in front of New Zealand star.

First of all, Jimmy Neesham tweeted on his Twitter account. He said, “I feel like I have a much-lessened fear of eternal damnation in hell thanks to traveling through LA Airport a few times.”

Then after, Sher Shinwari replied to him and proposed Jimmy. She said, “Jimmy I love you.” Also added three heart emojis in front of it. Then Jimmy Neesham reverted and said that these emojis were unnecessary.

She answers back and said, “Jimmy would you like to be the daddy of my future kids.” Hence, it was surprising for Jimmy Neesham. Fans also responded hilariously to this Twitter conversation.

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