Sergio Ramos has an offer from a club, reveals Perez.

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos is linked with an exit from the club as reports emerge that he has fallen out of favour with club president Florentino Perez.

Real Madrid Florentino Perez has admitted that Sergio Ramos’ entourage had told him that the player had received an offer from China. However, the president, while speaking on Spanish radio, made he does not have any problem with the Spanish international.

There have been reports that Sergio Ramos had fallen out with Perez after Ajax eliminated Real Madrid in the pre-quarter of UEFA Champions League. However, Perez now says, “Nothing happened,”

The president revealed that he has told Ramos’ entourage that is impossible to for Real Madrid to let him go. He said, “His people have told me that there is a very good offer from a Chinese club, but that they couldn’t pay a transfer fee because there are some rules about having to pay double for transfers.”

“What else can I tell him apart from that it’s impossible for Real Madrid to let their captain leave for free?”

Perhaps because of the lesson he learned from Cristiano Ronaldo, Perez admitted that it would be a dangerous precedent if they let the Spaniard go and made it clear he has done everything he could. He said, “It would also be a dangerous precedent. And that’s that, it was all cordial. I love Ramos a lot and have done all I can for him. If I haven’t done more then it’s because I couldn’t.”

However, it remains to be seen if Ramos will remain at Real Madrid. Can Zinedine Zidane convince the player of his importance? Can Florentino Perez do whatever it takes to keep the player at their arsenal? There have also been reports of a potential reunion with Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus but Perez didn’t mention any such offers while speaking on the Spanish radio.

Author’s Take

Letting Cristiano Ronaldo leave was a mistake. Letting Sergio Ramos leave would also be a mistake. Perez is cautious and doesn’t want that to happen. If he can convince the player to stay at the club, it will be a boost for the team.

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