Serie-A Watch-out: 3 Games To watch out for in Serie A 


Serie-A Watch-out: Serie A returns with weekend action. It is the final game week before the international break. Serie A this weekend promises to be full of action and drama. This week we have exciting matches. 

This weekend in Serie A we got some interesting matches. So far in Serie A, we have Atlanta and AC Milan fighting it out for the first position. While Napoli has had a fantastic start to the season. While Inter Milan is struggling a bit with some tough matches at their disposal. 

Juventus on other hand again having a tough season. They haven’t had a great start to their season. Juventus are meanwhile playing against struggling Monza. While Serie A action begins this week with Leece defeating Salernitana in the highly competitive game by a margin of 2-1. 

All being said and done, let’s look at some exciting encounters which we will witness in Serie A this weekend. In this article, we see 3 Serie A games to watch out for. 

Serie-A Watch-out: 3 Games to Watch Out for in Serie A this weekend 

1. Udinese vs Inter Milan 

One of the interesting games for this weekend is Udinese hosting Inter Milan. Udinese has had a great start to their season. Currently, they are 4th in the Serie A table. Till now in 6 games they have won 4 games on a trot. Udinese meanwhile also had a tough start; they also had a draw and lost at the start of the season. 

Coming into Inter Milan they have had a tricky start. They have had some tough losses to swallow. They lost in an agonizing way to their arch rivalry with Inter Milan. But in the last game week, they had a good win. Also, midweek in UCL they had a convincing victory against Viktoria Plzen. 

With Udinese having 4 victories back to back and Inter Milan too having 2 wins in the last 2 games. We are all in for an exciting encounter this weekend in Serie A.

Serie-A Watch-out: 3 Games To watch out for in Serie A 
Serie-A Watch-out: 3 Games To watch out for in Serie A 

2. Roma vs Atalanta 

The next game in line is Rome wherein Roma is hosting Atalanta. Roma has had decent under Jose Mourinho this season. They have made some quality signings like Dybala from Juventus. Mourinho has had a great impact on Roma. Serie A so far scored 8 goals but also leaked 6 goals. They have had 13 points from 6 games so far. 

Roma suffered a huge loss to Udinese in game week 4. After that loss, Jose Mourinho called out his players and asked them for better performance. Then again suffered a loss in Europa

League. But after that loss, they got their mojo back and won back-to-back games in Serie A and also in Europa League.

Atalanta, on the other hand, has an excellent start to its Serie A campaign. They have won 4 out of 6 games and have 14 points. In Serie A they are fighting for the table toppers’ spot. Atalanta has different scores throughout the season and looks like a complete unit. 

With Roma facing Atalanta in a highly intense atmosphere with Roma fans cheering the stadium. Except for the match, absolutely a nail-biting encounter. 

3. Napoli vs AC Milan 

The last game on the night will be League leaders Napoli coming up against defending Champions AC Milan. Napoli will be hosting AC Milan in their home stadium in Naples. Napoli has had a good run in Serie A and also UCL this season. 

They have had 4 wins out of 6 games. Napoli has scored 13 goals in 6 games averaging 2 goals per game this season in Serie A. They will be looking to have an intense atmosphere in Naples making it tough for the defending Champions. 

AC Milan has also had 4 wins out of 6 games and tied with 14 points. With both teams fighting it out toe to toe and tied on points. A highly entertaining game awaits us all in Serie A in Naples this weekend. 

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