Shaquille O’Neal remembers an awkward incident with his son’s résumé


NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal acknowledges that he has never had a real job in his life while recalling an awkward incident. Shaquille O’Neal is one of the richest athletes in American sports, with a presumed net worth of $400M.

The Big Diesel also replicated his prosperous NBA career in business. The former Lakers centre frequently appears in TV commercials and has even been in a few full-length movies.

The Hall of Famer has investments, to name a few, in FMCG, hotels, technology, and apparel. Papa John’s, Five Guys, Lyft, Reebok, Barneys New York, and JC Penny are just a few of the notable companies he has invested in. The seven-foot athlete is one of the most marketable celebrities in the United States. 

On the acclaimed television programme Inside the NBA, the four-time champion also assumes the hat of an analyst.  Shaq still has a busy schedule even though he has been out of the game for more than ten years.

The three-time Finals MVP might be a great role model for today’s players

Shaquille O’Neal remembers an awkward incident with his son’s résumé

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The three-time Finals MVP might be a great role model for today’s players in terms of how to handle their careers after leaving the hardwood. However, Shaq feels that he has never had a genuine job because of a humiliating incident he had with his son. Shaquille O’Neal laments that he was unable to assist his son in creating a CV. 

Shaq still feels insecure despite having enough wealth to assist his descendants.
The former NBA player is a DJ, TV analyst, investor, podcaster, and philanthropist, among other things.

The fifteen-time All-Star thinks he is incompetent despite his many talents. Given his educational heritage, Shaq’s disclosure is a little unexpected. The Lakers great has a doctorate in human resource development from Barry University.

The NBA great has often underlined the value of education, requiring all of his children to at least earn a high school diploma in order to inherit any of his wealth.

Shaq doesn’t need to be ashamed, though, because he has given his kids every comfort they could possibly want and has always been present for all of their special occasions.

Kobe is my favourite Lakers player, “the Lyft passenger tells Shaquille O’Neal.” 

Shaq and Kobe rank among the best NBA teams of all time when discussing some of the most dominant combinations.

The former Lakers teammates played together for eight years, making four Finals trips and winning three titles. Despite this, their relationship had ups and downs due to their opposing strong personalities.

Following the 2004 Finals defeat by the Pistons, the two Hall of Famers had a nasty falling out. The two superstars finally made up, but they continued to engage in regular competitive arguments. The Black Mamba’s jab that Shaq has more than him is generally the highlight.

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