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Shocking revealation regarding Barcelona’s inability to claim Spanish superstar back in 2014

Barcelona Coach Ernesto Valverde

It turns out that the Barcelona Manager’s unwillingness was the cause rather than the inability to sign the Spanish star a few years ago.

In the transfer that took place back in 2014, Barcelona had initiated a deal with Mallorca regarding the transfer of Marco Asensio. The former club of the Spanish midfielder had demanded a lumpsum amount of around €4.5M which Ernesto Valverde hesitated to give in one go but in instalments.

This didn’t go down well with the party concerned and hence the Barca manager decided not to proceed further with the transfer. Now this news is utterly shocking as the investment of €4.5M is not as huge as the midfielder’s talents are considered. The Barca fans would truly be heartbroken to hear such reason responsible for the non-transference of the star player.

The cancellation of bargain resulted in Asensio moving to the club’s staunch rivals, Real Madrid who is now taking credits for the player’s accomplishments.

Asensio is currently playing as an attacking midfielder for Real Madrid and has been a spectacular form since then. He played a key role in winning two Champions League trophies too. Seeing his back to back achievements on the field, the one time bargain of the Spanish international doesn’t seem a mammoth one at the moment. But what is done cannot be undone. The Catalan giants are only themselves to be held responsible for such a poor move.

Asensio has been improving lately with every progressing moment and is highly destined to be marked as the best midfielder on the planet as well. Had the Star midfielder been with them now, the strength of the defense and attack can be very well imagined. His agility, composure, attacking mindset and skilful tactics make him the most demanding players for transfer. The dream of the club’s fans now remains as a dream and it will take some time to convert this into reality.

This revelation is expected to unleash strong criticism from the fans and some of the legends as well. Ernesto will have to give a proper explanation to all of them in order to prove his point for doing so.

Author’s take

The Catalan giants indeed committed a grave mistake by not taking the star midfielder in their dugout. Had it so happened, the picture of Barcelona football club would indeed be a lot different as it is at the present.

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