Shocking: Zinedine Zidane reveals if his side will give the guard of honor to Barcelona

Real Madrid Star Gives Surprising Verdict About Guard Of Honor For Barcelona

The Frenchman commented on the guard of honour situation and he had some shocking claims about the Catalan side.

The title picture in La Liga has been clear for a while now. Barcelona have continued to dominate the league table by a comfortable margin. Real Madrid on the other hands are fighting their cross-city rivals for the second spot in the league. The Spanish league has a tradition of showing respect for their opponents with the guard of honour if the other team wins the title.

Real Madrid

And with the healthy lead of 9 points at the top of the table, the Catalans have a chance to earn the same appreciation from Los Blancos. Barcelona will be able to win the title before the El Clasico if Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid in tomorrow’s Madrid derby. (Given, Barcelona win all other league games)

Zidane Blames Barcelona:

With everyone calculating the point difference needed for the guard of honour, the Madrid boss was asked about his stance on the situation. “I don’t know how much you are going to ask me but my response is very clear. It is my decision and that is it.” Said Zidane. “I don’t understand the guard of honor and it won’t take place, although we are far from the end of the season. Barcelona broke the tradition.”

Zidane’s comments about Barcelona breaking the tradition are in regards to this season’s first El Clasico. Los Blancos were back from winning the Club World Cup just before the big game. And the World Champions expected the Catalans to give them a guard of honor, only for Barcelona to reject it. Pique explained Barcelona’s decision to reject the guard of honor as the Catalans were not the part of Club World Cup.

Barcelona will face Leganes tonight with the Madrid derby scheduled for tomorrow. The El Clasico will take place on 6th May.

Author’s Take:

Guard of Honour should really be only about respect. If you respect what the oppositions have achieved, you show it. There is really no need to compare it with what the others have done in the past. Such comments can be easily avoided but when it comes to Barcelona and Real Madrid, what else do you expect.

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