In his reign of 27 years, Sir Alex Ferguson had seen it all at Manchester United. From the rise of an invisible team to the departing of world class stars. The team under him always knew how to score the late game winners. He retired from the club 4 years ago, and since then he has been seen in the stands for almost all Manchester United games.

Jose Mourinho has immense respect for the Scot. He has said Old Trafford would be Sir Alex’s “always and forever.” During the mid-season, Mourinho’s men could not seal the victories in crucial games. This had become a huge cause of worry for the team. Like his predecessors, people started to raise doubts over the Portuguese’s capabilities.

However, Mourinho has been receiving support from Sir Alex. There indeed is a lot of expectations on Mourinho with Manchester United having two failed managers before him.


Mourinho continues to receive support from the team and from Sir Alex despite the title looking out of hand for the Red Devils.

Sir Alex feels that Mourinho has done a “great job” with the team.

Currently, United are sixth on the table and have been at that position since October. Sir Alex is right that without the draws, United would be challenging Chelsea’s title position. However, this is precisely what the team is required to do. They are required to come out victorious in crucial games.

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson poses on arrival for the world premiere of the film Ronaldo in central London on November 9, 2015. / AFP / JACK TAYLOR (Photo credit should read JACK TAYLOR/AFP/Getty Images)

Indeed the team has been playing well, something that United fans hadn’t seen in the last 3 seasons. But they need to do more than that.

The team hasn’t lost a single Premier League game since their loss to Chelsea in October. They have enjoyed a 13 game unbeaten run in the Premier League, as they look to have found some form.

Sir Alex feels that Mourinho is finding solutions to help improve the team’s performance. He feels that the “team is mirroring its manager”. Just like the fans, Mourinho doesn’t seem to be happy with the draws. He’s always on the sidelines, pushing the team to play harder.

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