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SL vs WI Live: Watch Da Silva takes the ultimate revenge by dismissing De Silva


SL vs WI Live: West Indies and Sri Lanka are currently playing against each other at the Galle International Cricket Stadium. Both the teams are playing the second test match in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan team have done fairly well in the first test match. They came up with a dominant approach against West Indies. Moreover, the dry and rough wicket also went out to help the Sri Lankan spinners.

As a result of that, Sri Lanka went on to win the game by 187 runs. West Indies could barely match the quality of Lankans in the match. Moreover, the hosts took a 1-0 lead in the two-match test series.

However, the beginning of the second test at the Galle International Cricket Stadium marks a new beginning. West Indies will be hoping to do better against the hosts. The Sri Lankans cannot lose the test series now but West Indies can make sure they do not as well.

SL vs WI Live: Watch Da Silva takes the ultimate revenge by dismissing De Silva
SL vs WI Live: Watch Da Silva takes the ultimate revenge by dismissing De Silva

The hosts went on to win the tose and they had a bat first for the second test match. However, despite getting a brilliant start, Sri Lanka could not capitalize on it due to poor performance. The openers put up a 106 runs stand for the first wicket.

But the constant falling of wickets saw Sri Lanka reach a total of only 204 runs. But contrary to that West Indies put up a score of 208 in their first innings. The match is standing at an even stand between both the test-playing nations.

SL vs WI Live: Da Silva takes revenge against De Silva

West Indies wicketkeeper went on to take the ultimate revenge against Sri Lanka’s De Silva. The Sri Lankans had gone on to dismiss the West Indian during the first innings. But Da Silva went on to take revenge.

Da Silva already went on to warn the Sri Lankan player by saying you took my catch, I take your catch. And the same thing went on to happen as Da Silva took the catch of De Silva later in the innings.

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