“In our nation, we celebrate the successful person.”- Sunil Chhetri

The reason behind the happy life is a routine followed like a religion. The man who helped India qualify Asian Cup for the first time in 27 years, always was a confident kid with an undying passion for football. He was born into the football family, his mom and dad both used to play football, so yes he wasn’t born with a golden spoon in his mouth, but with football in his genes.



  • Mostly he does speed training drill which is the aspect of the game itself.
  • Combined with that he does high-intensity workouts. These are the two major requirements for the sport he loves.
  • His field workout and gym workouts are different, but both concentrates on the requirements for the game, i.e., skills and muscles related to football.
  • He works on shooting techniques on the field.
  • Game-related skill training, weights and cardio are important in the gym.
  • He likes working out on his whole body, but he personally loves working out his quadriceps (one of the most important muscle group related to the sport.)
  • Other muscle groups he works on because they are the most used muscle groups in his sport are hamstrings, abs, and shoulder.
  • He trains six days a week. Taking a day off allows your body to heal, as your muscles need to cool off.

Sunil Chhetri




  • He wakes up early after having 7 hours of good night sleep.
  • After that, he drinks a bottle of water which helps detoxify your body, compensates for the last 7 hours of no fluid intake, and helps your body to stay hydrated.
  • Then before training he takes a pre-workout meal, then after training, he has a heavy breakfast compared to the pre-workout meal.


Go for a run, jog, or walk, and stay connected to your loved ones.

 Sunil Chhetri



  • Pre-Training meal- oatmeal with nuts, boiled eggs and fresh juice in the morning.
  • After training- protein shake, prunes or a banana and brown bread with peanut butter
  • Lunch- a plate of greens and boiled veggies and fish or chicken steak.
  • Mid afternoon snack- fruits, some nuts and a glass of milk.
  • Dinner- rotis (Chapattis), dal (Lentil), a bowl of vegetables and chicken/fish/cottage cheese.
  • Before bed- Another swig of protein shake.
  • Cheat days- on cheat days he enjoys biriyani or spaghetti carbonara. His favourite dish is mutton curry that his mom makes.



“In our country sadly, we wait for somebody to become the hero, worship the hero, and talk about his whole journey only when he has become the hero.

If you are talking about the countries that have done well in sports, their identification of the talent and nurturing the talent are the most important aspects of sports.”















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