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T20 World Cup 2021: New Zealand unveils their official jersey for the World Cup

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T20 World Cup 2021: The coveted ICC T20 World Cup has made a comeback after so many years. This is going to be the first T20 World Cup after a gap of five years in World cricket.

However, the T20 World Cup 2021 tournament will be taking place in the UAE and Oman. This decision was taken by the BCCI and the International Cricket Council (ICC) because of the COVID-19 risk in India.

Both the BCCI as well as the ICC does not want to witness a repeat telecast of what took place in May. The first phase of IPL was happening in India and the tournament had to be canceled out on an emergency basis.

It was because massive amounts of COVID-19 cases had made their way into the biosecure bubble. The BCCI and its local affiliates could not manage the situation and they had to send every player to their home country on a chartered flight.

T20 World Cup 2021: New Zealand unveils their official jersey for the World Cup
T20 World Cup 2021: New Zealand unveils their official jersey for the World Cup

And the BCCI cannot let a repeat telecast of that to happen. Because that could tarnish the image of the BCCI in World cricket. 

Moreover, the Indian cricket Board has a stalwart image in the World and Indian interest could hurt if something bad happens again.

However, there is nothing much to worry about since the T20 World Cup 2021 is going to take place in the UAE and Oman. Moreover, the successful conducting of the IPL would have given a lot of confidence to the BCCI and other cricket boards.

T20 World Cup 2021: New Zealand unveil their jersey

The Kiwis are the latest team to unveil their special jersey for the T20 World Cup 2021 campaign. However, their new jersey has received a lot of mixed responses on social media. Some have loved it but some have disliked it a lot.

However, the Kiwis will be hoping to perform better in the T20 World Cup 2021. They are a good team with a variety of quality talents in their squad. Moreover, they also have the experience of playing on dry and rough tracks.

Even the majority of the New Zealand players have gotten the experience of conditions in the UAE. It is because many of them were recently playing in the second phase of the IPL tournament. The pitches were quite dry and tough to bat.

However, New Zealand is placed in group B which is a far easier group than group A. India, New Zealand, Pakistan and Afghanistan are placed in the second group with two qualifying teams to join them.

The Kiwis have already started their training for the World Cup after their players are back from the IPL. Even Chennai Super Kings coach Stephen Fleming has joined them as consultants to the team and the think tank. 


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