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Tammy Abraham slams down team clash between Rudiger and Azpilicueta

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Chelsea forward Tammy Abraham shows attitude and team spirit on Twitter last day following the sacking of manager Frank Lampard. There were reports that showing a rift in the Chelsea squad after the dispatch of Frank Lampard.

The team captain Cesar Azpilicueta and Antonio Rudiger were the culprits in the rumor according to the reports from West London. The Athletic also reported some ‘unhappy’ elements in Stamford Bridge following this. Lack of game time was the issue cited for the entire scene.

The German player Rudiger featured only four times in starting line-up this season under Frank Lampard. Media outlets came up with the issue as the after-effect of Lampard sacking and Tammy Abraham’s anticipation was enough to solve the scene.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph reported that the players had clashes in Cobham training base. Later, the tweet of Abraham became viral among fans and the official handle of the team also acknowledged the tweet.

Tammy Abraham slams down team clash between Rudiger and Azpilicueta

Tammy Abraham wrote: “Hearing some mad stuff about @ToniRuediger on social media today. Complete nonsense. Toni is a big bro to all of us.” Chelsea’s handle liked this shut down the rumor and the legend Didier Drogba commented on the post.

“Well said Son, THIS IS THE WAYYY!!! Stick together, get results and the fans will forgive you everything, Critics hurts but when you are together it makes you stronger and better” he wrote.

This helped the team to get settled with the rumor and now they are looking forward to the future. Thomas Tuchel is on the watch and now the Blues should open a new chapter in the competition. They were suffering in keeping consistency after a series of record signings happened in Stamford Bridge.

New Boss, New Challenges

Wolverhampton Wanderers was the first challenge for former Paris-Saint-Germain boss. The German was quite impressive in the Paris job but the European dream made Parisians mad and he lost the position in the club.

The competition is next level in England and Chelsea job is not at all safe for managers. Tuchel should take care of his job and handling big talents is familiar for him. Also, he has got favorites in West London.

The German duo Werner-Havertz is subjected to more talks by the arrival of Tuchel. Also, he has to manage the number of young talents those who wait on the sideline. Finding a winning formation from the squad is the major concern for him.

The Blues are placed 9th in the table and the FA Cup campaign is still active. Champions League fixtures are in the Knockout stage and silverware is urgent for the team to handle the pressure. Fans are excited with Tuchel and the tactics will redefine the playing scenario in England.

Chelsea match against Wolves ended in a draw as Tuchel took over the job. The Blues created ample of chances but couldn’t find the net on several occasions. Alonso and Emerson were seen on the substitute list and Giroud started the game ahead of Werner and Tammy. Chelsea dominated possession and has 5 shots on target.


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