Team kits ‘leak’ for next season. Arsenal, Barcelona among many more

Team Kits

In the midst of the pandemic, fans can at least know how the ‘leaked’ team kits of Arsenal, Barcelona, and many others will look like.

The world is suffering from a pandemic disease and this season for the football fans has been of leaked team kits. In the meanwhile, we all saw a number of shirt designs across the internet. Thanks to FootyHeadlines as they have now brought many of them to life. We have the kits of Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, and Juventus. 

We all know that Eredivise has canceled all football matches across Europe due to Coronavirus. In this time of suffering, at last, there is some good news for the fans of the football world. As the fans have been dreaming of the next season, their dreams will be more colorful. This is because one knows what team kits their favorite teams will be flaunting.

We do not know yet, about whether the 2019-20 season will end or get more extended. If that is not clear there is definitely a doubt whether the 2020-21 season will start or not. This non-clarity about what will happen next, cannot stop the fans from getting excited about the new kits.

It will take a while before the clubs officially release any photographs of the kits for next season. But, one should thank FootyHeadlines for helping us in knowing some of them. Let’s look at the different kits by FootyHeadlines.

Tottenham Hotspur

The Tottenham can be seen in these 4 kits. Well, they have added the yellow and the green color to their kitty. For us, the white one stands out. Let’s see how the Tottenham fans react to their favorite team’s kit.


Now according to the leaks the Arsenal Adidas kit has 3 different jerseys. The players can be seen in new Arsenal home t-shirts. The new ‘active maroon’ color is looking nice on the jersey with a graphic design on the front. The fans are finding this dark red/’active maroon’ color a treat for the eyes.


Liverpool kit
Liverpool kit

The Liverpool home kit will be of the same color as of Portugal’s 2018 World Cup shirt. The shirt’s design is going well besides the green and white on the sides. Green and white are not the colors we associate with a Liverpool kit. Little experimental but not bad.


The La Liga giants Barcelona rumored kits are the ones above. The home shirt is like the one we see. The pink one is standing out for many fans on Twitter. To be honest either one is rating it at a high pedestal or they are not liking it at all. Therefore, the pink shirt is getting extreme responses.


In this lockdown, we all have become a little dull and consequently, we are missing the excitement. But that orange shirt of Juventus has brought that excitement back to some extent.

Inter Milan

Inter Milan always has blue and black stripes as the home kit. But this leaked kit has wavey lines. The other two kits look good but Inter in the past had similar kits.

Barcelona accidentally leaks a new Manchester United home kit for the 2020/21 season.

Manchester United
Manchester United
Source-Getty Image

In addition, all the clubs, Manchester United‘s kit has gone out of the shed by another club. In other words, Barcelona by mistake had leaked the shirt of the Reds. Consequently, the shirt is getting criticized by many due to the lines.

In this year of lockdown finally, there is something that the fans can cheer for. But, we will have to wait before the official announcements are made by the clubs.

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