The issues Tottenham Hotspur need to rectify before the season ends


Tottenham Hotspur are having one of the worst seasons. They are in a state where a European League spot is looking negligible. To make things worse, they are unstable internally as well as externally. We will be looking at the things Tottenham must find a solution for before the season ends.

Tottenham Hotspur were a team that belonged to the mid-table. Since the dawn of the Premier League, they have found themselves comfortable around 10th place. They have also failed to collect many trophies. Since the Premier League started, they have only won the League Cup twice, the last being 2008. Spurs never had a team with decorated players. However, 2 of the most prolific players were produced by them. Gareth Bale and Luca Modric were the biggest talents that Real Madrid saw and attained.

The appointment of Mauricio Pochettino was one of the biggest positives that happened at the club. Since his arrival, the Spurs were also slowly gaining fame. There was gradual progress throughout the years. in his initial year, the club finished 5th. Continuing with the gradual progress, their best finish came in 2016-17 when they became the runners-up in the Premier League.

The Lilywhites maintained a top-4 finish for the next few years until the manager remained. After having guided his side to a maiden Champions League final, he was sacked because of a disappointing start to the next season. Jose Mourinho was the successor, however, he also stumbled quickly as he was sacked last month.

The Harry Kane dilemma:

Tottenham had started this season on a great note. However, they had a huge downfall which was so bad that they are currently in doubt for a European spot. They sit 7th with a point behind Liverpool who have a game in hand. Spurs finally had the chance to grab a trophy. However, the controversial sacking occurred a week before the Carabao Cup final, and the interim manager, Ryan Mason could do nothing much against a dominant Manchester City.

Harry Kane is one of the most dangerous naturally talented strikers across Europe right now. And one might wonder if he is at the right place. Kane burst into the Spurs team after Pochettino’s appointment. Before that, he was on an English tour with various loan spells. Harry Kane has been the highest goal scorer for the club since then and has never failed to score less than 20 goals in a season.

Despite his hard work, he could only drag his side this far. He is a player who deserves trophies and a location change might be the remedy. Coming to the point that states that the player might be preparing for an exit. Kane is keenly interested in an exit if they fail to secure a Champions League spot. However, that move is unlikely and here’s why.

Kane can push for an exit, but his contract ties him with the club for another 3 years. This means that even if any clubs are interested, they will have to dish out a preposterous sum which is never possible during the current scenario. But will Spurs be that cruel to their only best player or let go of the past and provide what is best for him remains to be seen.

Unrested Tottenham fans and the appointment of a manager:

If one wants to learn loyalty, they must do it from the Tottenham fans. It is no sarcasm, but you can understand their dedication despite their club’s form. They have no issues with the team’s performance as they have improved a lot compared to the last decade. However, they are frustrated with the management who are doing nothing for the club’s improvement.

Yes, they spent £1 billion and displayed a world-class stadium. Congratulations on that. But it has come at a huge expense. Pochettino challenged for the title back to back with an unchanged team. Despite that, the management didn’t think of investing in new players but sacked him after a bad start. So one can understand the furiousness. It doesn’t end here as the club was involved in the controversial European Super League. Because of which the fans are demanding Daniel Levy’s resignation. To makes things even worse, the club is demanding £60 per ticket for the final match of the season that has allowed fans whilst the other clubs are charging only half.

Tottenham Hotspur are without a manager now. They sacked Jose Mourinho but didn’t plan for a backup. The Portuguese has already landed a new job, but the same cannot be said for the London side. Mason is temporarily taking care but he is not experienced enough to take the job permanently.

The sudden sacking has caused them to deal with the situation hastily which can backfire. Julian Nagelsmann(RB Leipzig) and Erik ten Hag(Ajax) were lined to manage next year, but they decided it after sacking Jose. As things now stand, both of them are unavailable as the prior will be joining Bayern Munich next season and the latter extended his contract.  

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