Top 5 players who can successfully replace Luka Modric at Real Madrid

From being dubbed as Real Madrid’s worst transfer to one of the best midfielders in the world, Luka Modric has been a part of an amazing journey with the capital club.

There are some players you simply cannot replace, like Messi or Ronaldo. And then there are a few who will eventually be replaced, but you don’t want them to go simply because they make football a beautiful game to watch. And Luka Modric is a part of that second set of players, who make you believe football is such a simple game until you lace up your own boots.

At 32, Modric is still playing the best football of his career as it was clearly on show in Russia. But unfortunately, every good thing must come to an end. And despite Madrid’s success in keeping him away from Inter Milan in the current transfer window, they will have to replace the 32-year old very soon.

The Croatian will form the deadly partnership with Toni Kroos once again this season, but after his interests in leaving the Spanish capital, Florentino Perez must have taken out his notepad to list the potential replacements. So here we are, trying to help our Perez with five possible replacements for Luka Modric:

5. Mateo Kovacic:

The Croatian to replace Croatian?

Call me orthodox, but while replacing your big players, looking into your squad should always be the task No. 1. We seem to have forgotten that in the football world which dances around the money. But Real Madrid actually has a gem of a player in the form of Mateo Kovacic, who can go on to replace him compatriot in the coming seasons.

A loan move to Chelsea was probably the best thing that could have happened to Kovacic’s career right now. The Croatian was never going to get enough chances at the Santiago Bernabeu. But under Maurizio Sarri, Kovacic can learn the tricks of the trade of being a central midfielder. Sarri’s loves to play attacking football with possession and emphasis on short passes – Something Kovacic can definitely learn and take back to Spain.

Kovacic is a great controller of the ball with pin-point passing ability. In his two appearances for Chelsea so far, the Croatian has maintained 93.9% passing accuracy. He also knows how to run past a couple of opponents to win the midfield battle. And Kovacic might not be the most creative player right now, but again, Sarri can be the catalyst in making him one.

With age on his side, the 24-year old has everything it takes to replace Luka Modric at Real Madrid. And after all, Los Blancos are not looking to replace Modric tomorrow, are they? Kovacic still has a season to prove his worth at Chelsea and come back stronger to become a serious threat to Modric’s midfield-kingdom.

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