Troll asks Vini Raman to ditch Maxwell; Aussie’s fiance silences hater

Troll asks Vini Raman to ditch Maxwell; Aussie's fiance silences hater

Cricketers are doing their best to keep their fans notified about their latest activities on social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube help cricketers connect with their fans and followers.

Sometimes, not all fans are the same as they tend to change from time to time. Some sections of the fans cheers for their favorite players while others vent out their frustration on social media in case if cricketers fail to perform well.

In exceptional cases, some fans cross their limits by abusing the cricketers and their families. Recently, Ben Stokes ran through an ordeal when a harasser targeted the England cricketer and his family members.

Troll attacks Maxwell and his fiance

Troll asks Vini Raman to ditch Maxwell; Aussie's fiance silences hater

Recently, a troll launched a scathing attack on Glenn Maxwell and his fiance Vini Raman. An Instagram user by the name of guru_boy7 called the Australian all-rounder “a mentally troubled white guy”.

After a racist attack, he told Vini to ditch the Aussie and search for an Indian guy. Last year, the Aussie all-rounder faced mental health issues and because of which he took a break from all forms of cricket. Maxwell was going through depression at that stage and taking a time off was the best thing he did to relieve himself.

The all-rounder hogged the limelight after scoring 64 of 29 deliveries against Sri Lanka in a T20I in Adelaide Oval. After that, he took a sabbatical before he made a comeback in this year’s BBL.

Glenn Maxwell’s to-be-wife shuts down a troll

Vini Raman, Australian based Indian pharmacist posted an image with Glenn Maxwell a day after IPL 2020 started. Vini Raman’s picture described Maxwell’s absence where she expressed her feelings in her post.

Glenn Maxwell is currently plying his trade for Kings XI Punjab in the Indian Premier League in the UAE. Due to coronavirus lockdown, she could not be there with him. “Spending another weekend in lockdown but wishing I was in the UAE.4 weeks down,? to go,” she wrote.

After coming across this racist comment, Glenn Maxwell’s fiance silenced the hater on Instagram.

“So, I normally do not respond to comments like these as I know trolls do it just to get attention. Despite that, a six-month lockdown has left me with plenty of time to educate ignorant morons. Loving someone of different skin color does not make you a sell-out.”

“Loving a white person does not mean I am embarrassed to be an Indian. It is my choice and I shouldn’t have to worry about what others will think,” she wrote.

Even the Aussie all-rounder posted the screenshot of it on his latest Instagram story. He wrote, “Proud of you. Some people are just genuinely pathetic!!!”

Troll asks Vini Raman to ditch Maxwell; Aussie's fiance silences hater
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