Update on Neymar’s future as Barcelona continue to keep an eye on him

The former Barcelona superstar left in a rather incredible move last season for PSG but now amid rumors of a move back, reports have cleared up Barcelona’s involvement in the saga.

The Brazilian isn’t having the best time of late, with various rumours moving him all around the world but the latest one has him going back to Barcelona. The 27-year-old has been linked with a move back to the Camp Nou and while both Barcelona and PSG have so far refused any option at a move back, the rumours persist.


The Brazilian made last season’s summer transfer window his own personal soap opera, which dragged on for what seemed like weeks before he finally handed over a check for €222 million to Barcelona, despite reports of the La Liga ready to block the move. But everything went through and Neymar became the most expensive player in football history, annihilating the comparatively paltry sum of 90 million that Manchester United shelled out for Paul Pogba.

And with Real Madrid looking for a Cristiano Ronaldo replacement, especially after the Portuguese giant left over the summer for Juventus. But no move has ever materialized with the Brazilian insisting over the summer that he won’t move, and so has the PSG president. However, now even Barcelona GM Pep Segura has tabled any move for the 27-year-old at the moment but didn’t completely rule out a move.

In an interview, Segura went on to say “Neymar is a player who is not on the table at the moment. I have already said that no young player that leaves for money will return. We stand by that. But the circumstances with Neymar are totally different. We always must evaluate the circumstances of the market and assess what the best moves for us will be in relation to those.”

Neymar wasn’t the only former Barcelona star that Segura spoke about, as he went on about Thiago Alcantara, a former La Masia graduate. The Bayern Munich star left in 2013 and parted ways with the Catalan giants amicably. The move proved to be the right one and since then Thiago has grown incredibly well and matured into a brilliant central midfielder.

He further added “Thiago Alcantara? He left us as a professional footballer, so he enters the same parameters as Neymar and he could also return if that is what is requested.”

Author’s take:

Both Neymar and Thiago Alcantara would be wonderful additions to this current Barcelona side but the question for the club to answer, is do they really need them? Sure Neymar would give them a chance at replacing Lionel Messi gracefully, but is he worth 200+ million and all that drama that PSG will create?

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