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Van Gaal shed light on his Manchester United gig; rips into a player

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Louis van Gaal’s time at Manchester United didn’t turn out as he might have expected and he brings to light some of the issues that plagues the English giant.

Louis van Gaal isn’t a very popular figure in Manchester. The tactical genius had taken over at Manchester United but failed to guide them back to the top. Despite winning the FA Cup, he had to make way for Jose Mourinho at the helm. Now, the 67-year-old has gone on to reveal how his time at Old Trafford had unravelled.

“Di Maria couldn’t handle the pressure”

Van Gaal’s arrival had created a buzz around the club after the Dutchman decided to bring in the likes of Di Maria and Falcao with him. But soon things feel apart as Falcao struggled to recapture his form after his knee injury. However, the biggest disappointment of van Gaal’s tenure is Di Maria. The Argentine, after staring well. struggle to make any sort of impact. Subsequently, he failed to join the side for the pre-season and later forced a move to PSG.

Van Gaal shed light on his Manchester United
Angel Di Maria and Louis van Gaal never got on well and, now, blame each other for the former’s disasterclass at Old Trafford.

Recently, Di Maria came out and put all the blame at van Gaal feet. “There were complications with the coach at the time,” he revealed. But Louis van Gaal has strongly refuted the player’s claims and in turn criticised the
£59.7m man. “Di Maria says it was my problem. I played him in every attacking position. You can check that,” Van Gaal told the BBC.“He never convinced me in any of those positions. He could not deal with the continuous pressure on the ball in the Premier League. That was his problem.”

Ed Woodward not the man

Van Gaal was also crittical of how the club was run. He claims even Sir Alex Ferguson had “problems” with the way the club was run. The former Bayern and Barcelona head coach was sacked after failing to revive the club’s fortunes. And he believes his failings at the side was partly down to the current structure in place at the club along with their focus on commercial targets rather than footballing objectives.

Van Gaal revealed

“At the moment there is a structure with a scouting division and above that is someone at (Ed) Woodward’s right hand,” Van Gaal revealed.“The structure is not so bad but the right hand has to be a technical director with a football view, not somebody with a banker’s role. Unfortunately, we are talking about a commercial club, not a football club. I spoke to Ferguson about this and in his last years, he also had problems with it.”

Van Gaal shed light on his Manchester United

Author’s Take

The claims made by Louis van Gaal haven’t necessarily surprised anyone associated with Manchester United. The problem with the structure in place at United is well documented. But since the ill-fated reign of Jose Mourinho, the club have shown signs of willingness to change. Regarding the comments on Di Maria, the Old Trafford faithful will testify van Gaal assessment. The Argentine decided to choose the cowardice way out instead of staying and proving his worth to the club, the fans and the manager. It was no surprise seeing Old Trafford (and Ashley Young) making him aware of it while hosted PSG in the Champions League.

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