Virat Kohli reveals the BIGGEST secret to his all round success in international cricket

The secret to Virat Kohli’s phenomenal success lies in his fitness and a tenacious urge to be the best.

As a teenager, Virat Kohli was chubby with erratic food habits. When he first made it to the Indian team, the extra weight had been shed but he lacked the wholesome strength that is such an intrinsic part of his game today.

Today, Kohli has certainly raised the bar as far as fitness is concerned in Indian cricket. From being a chubby young boy, to now one of the fittest and finest athletes in the game, it has certainly been one impressive transformation.

“I will not say something which is inaccurate. I will not say that I never thought that fitness will make me look good,’ because at some stage everyone thinks that way,” Kohli told India Today.

“Eventually, you realize that it does so much good to you in terms of your mental state, in terms of how you feel and how much more you can do. It is not confined to just sport because even in a work scenario as well if you are fit, you will be able to work more and achieve more. You will be able to be more productive because if you lack energy you will not be as productive as you should be,” Kohli added.

“Now, I don’t do fitness to look good but to stay fit and obviously, I have professional requirements as well. But even after that (cricket), I don’t think it will change and will become a lifestyle,” Kohli said.


Virat Kohli brought a concerted change to his lifestyle, his diet, and training process and the way he has given up on his once staple diet is well documented. The captain himself has conceded he made it a point that fitness will be his goal and that it will push his cricket to the next level.

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