WATCH: Carlos Brathwaite reacts furiously as Ravindra Jadeja's death stare forces the umpire to change his decision - The12thMan

WATCH: Carlos Brathwaite reacts furiously as Ravindra Jadeja’s death stare forces the umpire to change his decision

One can’t stress the importance of umpires being on their toes all the time enough, a delay in calling a ball wide brought a death stare from Ravindra Jadeja to Gregory Brathwaite. However, once the call was made, Carlos Brathwaite was furious too and showed his frustration at the umpire.

After the stage was set by Virat Kohli and Shreyas Iyer, the Indian lower order had the opportunity to encash on it and take the scorecard above 300. However, Brathwaite was on a spree of his own in the latter phase of the innings, putting them in a spot of bother. However, one wouldn’t have been wrong to assume some late-order pyrotechnics from Ravindra Jadeja, who ever since his semi-final heroics against New Zealand won a lot of hearts.

However, things were not as good for the Indian team as they would have expected as Brathwaite was too hot to handle. But the same can’t be said about the third delivery of the 50th over as the Barbados all-rounder bowled a ball too wide off stump. Although Jadeja tried to reach out to it before hitting it over extra cover, he failed in his pursuit and when he realised that he couldn’t reach, he let it go to the keeper. 

It was a clear wide form the look of it but umpire Gregory Brathwaite had something else in his mind. Instead of instantly signalling it wide, he rather waited for it which brought a death stare from Jadeja. However, the Caribbean umpire understood his mistake right away and stretched his hands to signal a wide. To everyone’s surprise, the eventual decision didn’t go down well with the bowler who was furious at the umpire.

Watch the video here:

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