Sunday, December 5, 2021

WATCH: Jason Roy’s sensational fielding denies Mohammad Hafeez a certain boundary

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Jason Roy put on an exceptional fielding effort to deny Mohammad Hafeez a certain boundary during the fourth ODI between England and Pakistan at Trent Bridge on Friday. The ball was comfortably sailing over the long off boundary and Roy first jumped backwards to take the catch before throwing the ball back into the field of play knowing that his momentum was going to take him over the ropes.

It was a loopy full toss from Adil Rashid which was met by Hafeez coming down the track. Hafeez however failed to get hold of it completely but the strike was hard enough to take the ball over the the boundary for a six only to be denied by a stunning acrobatic effort from Roy at long off. Roy jumped backwards to grasp the ball out of thin air before throwing it back upon realizing that he was landing beyond the boundary ropes.

The catch however could not be completed as there was no England fielder backing him up and the lack of support from the other fielders ended up giving Hafeez a lifeline. The effort from the Englishman ensured that he had saved five crucial runs for his team. Roy however didn’t look happy at all and was possibly livid with the fact that there was no England fielder backing him up resulting in the magnificent effort going down as a dropped chance in the end.

Watch the video here:


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