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WATCH: Oshane Thomas survives hit wicket appeal despite hitting the stumps with his bat against Bangladesh

West Indies’ Oshane Thomas brought the bails down with his bat but was still given not out during the ongoing group stage clash against Bangladesh at Taunton on Monday. We’ve witnessed quite a few bizarre incidents in cricket over the years but a potential hit wicket decision is certainly one that piques interest, even more so in this case as the hit wicket appeal was turned down by the third umpire in the biggest of all stages.

It happened on the penultimate ball of the 49th over when Oshane Thomas was on strike. Bangladesh pacer Mustafizur Rahman bowled a routined delivery to the tailender beating him all ends up on it’s way to the keeper. However, fans and players alike were puzzled to find that the bails had somehow been dislodged in the incident despite the bat missing the ball by a distance. The two on-field umpires had a brief consultation in the middle and decided to refer the decision upstairs to the third umpire.

Replays showed that Thomas had indeed knocked over the bails with his bat. The third umpire however reckoned that Thomas had completed his shot and adjudged him not out as per MCC’s Law 35, which states that “The striker is out Hit wicket if, after the bowler has entered the delivery stride and while the ball is in play, his/her wicket is put down by either the striker’s bat or person.”

Watch the video here:

Additionally, MCC’s Rule 35.2, pertaining to not out on hit wickets, says, “The striker is not out under this Law should his/her wicket be put down in any of the ways referred to in 35.1. If it occurs after the striker has completed any action in receiving the delivery.” It made for interesting viewing, especially since this was an extremely rare occurrence, and without any confirmation on the same, it also seems to be the right call by the third umpire per the laws of the game.

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