WATCH: Rashid Khan messes up simple run out chance to dismiss Kedar Jadhav

Afghanistan leg spinner Rashid Khan made a mess of a simple run out chance to dismiss Kedar Jadhav during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 clash against India at Southampton on Saturday. Kedar was more than halfway down the track and Rashid had ample time to aim the stumps at the non striker’s end but was caught in two minds whether to throw the ball with no fielder backing up. When the throw eventually came, the fielder who was supposed to collect the ball slipped midway giving Kedar a much needed reprieve.

It all happened on the first ball of the 45th over when Rashid Khan bowled a googly to MS Dhoni, who tried to work it towards midwicket but could only manage to get some pad on it. Dhoni initially looked to take the single and Kedar was quickly out of his blocks in response. Kedar was more than halfway down the track before Dhoni decided to turn back leaving Kedar stranded in the middle. Rashid Khan, who was quick to get to the ball, had ample time to make the throw at the non-striker’s end where Rahmat Shah was charging from mid-off.

Rashid Khan was caught in two minds whether to attempt the direct hit or throw it gently to Rahmat Shah and eventually decided to go for the second option. Jadhav had absolutely no chance of making it back to the crease but luck favoured him as Shah slipped just before the stumps and Rashid missed the direct hit as well to grant him a reprieve. It was a golden chance for Afghanistan to tighten the noose with another wicket and get a new man in but the comedy of errors on the field instead ensured that Jadhav was safely home with no damage done.

Watch the video here:

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