WATCH: Sarfraz Ahmed’s Bhangra appeal goes in vain as third umpire rules Faf Du Plessis not out

Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed was left embarrassed after his animated appeal for Faf Du Plessis’ wicket went in vain during the ICC World Cup 2019 clash against South Africa at Lords on Sunday. Sarfraz has always found unique ways of entertaining the fans with his theatrics in the ongoing World Cup. It was no different during Pakistan’s do-or-die encounter against South Africa as Sarfraz somehow found a different way altogether to embarrass himself with the third umpire ruling the batsman not out after he had almost led everyone to believe he was out with his excessive appealing.

It all happened on the fourth ball of the 25th over when left arm spinner Imad Wasim bowled a flatter delivery around off to Faf Du Plessis, who was a bit late to bring his bat down. The ball sneaked past the outside edge of the bat on its way through to the wicketkeeper’s gloves. There appeared to be some sound as the ball passed the bat and Sarfraz was so ecstatic with his appeal that he started doing the Bhangara dance behind the stumps. The umpire Kumar Dharmaseena however wasn’t affected one bit by Sarfraz’s theatrics and was stoic in his decision as he ruled Du Plessis not out.

Sarfraz was so adamant that he decided to challenge the umpire’s decision, resulting in it being referred to the third umpire. UltraEdge confirmed that there was no connection between bat and ball and the third umpire decided to stick with his colleague’s decision. Sarfraz had his tongue struck out of his mouth as he could hardly believe what transpired in the middle. The South African skipper however gestured that the sound came off the bat’s handle or maybe the friction against the grip. It was probably because of the same reason that Virat Kohli walked off the other day despite not knicking the ball against Mohammad Amir.

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