WATCH: Steve Smith trolls English players by dancing on the wicket while challenging them to run him out

Throughout this Ashes, Steve Smith has entertained the crowd with his funny gestures and expressions and his “leave” specifically has spread like wildfire amongst cricketers. And today, he was back at it once again as he challenged the English batsmen to run him out by hanging outside the crease.

I guess one statement that every cricket watcher would unanimously agree with is that Steve Smith is the most entertaining batsman to watch in Test cricket – even when he’s playing dot balls. Early on in the series, he showcased his very own animated “leaves” which has since then gone viral amongst cricketers, so much so that even the likes of John Campbell and Rahkeem Cornwall out in the Caribbean have copied the same. 

Today, the Australian decided to pull out another trick from his repertoire, while also trolling the English players in the process. On the first ball of the 28th over, a pumped-up Stuart Broad bowled an extremely full delivery  – almost a yorker – to Smith, who was batting on 38*.  The Australian then brought out his trademark shuffle, but as he tried to whip the ball through the on-side, it took the inside edge of his bat and threatened to roll over and hit the stumps. 

But Smith, who had no idea where the ball had gone, had his running shoes on and took one step too many on the assumption that there was a run on offer. However, he soon realized that he was in trouble and had to get back to the crease. And while wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow came steaming in trying to run Smith out, the Aussie cheekily held his bat up like an axe, almost challenging the Englishman to hit the stumps. 

Bairstow obliged and he did hit the stumps, but by then, Smith had already made his ground – with a ridiculously animated stomp. However, once the bails came off, Smith once again trolled the English players and moved out of his crease, threatening to steal another run and while he was at it, he pulled off some quick dance moves with his feet. While this was funny for all the Aussie fans and the neutrals watching, we can assure you that the English players would have indeed gotten agitated and riled up by this. 

Watch the video here:

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