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We’re Going To Give Everything, declares Liverpool defender.

Virgil Van Djik-defender liverpool

Liverpool have made it into the final of UEFA Champions League but will be hoping they do not end up as runners-up again.

Liverpool have had one of their best seasons and will be looking to end it on a high by winning the much-coveted UEFA Champions League. They had reached the finals last season but lost to Real Madrid as Karius’ blunders swung the game in favour of Zidane’s side.

Against Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool will be hoping to avoid a similar fate. This team has done extraordinary things and deserves the Champions League. Virgil Van Dijk has been of their key pillars this season and when asked about making it the Champions League finals again, he said they are going to give everything they have got to ensure they come on top in Kiev.

He said, “It sounds pretty good! We worked hard this season, the season is almost over but obviously we have one big final push left and we are going to give everything that we have got and will see what it’s going to bring us.”

Van Dijk says he learned many lessons from that night in Kiev when Real Madrid emerged triumphant, retaining the Champions League. He said, “Last year’s final, I didn’t watch anything back, to be fair, besides the goals. They show them everywhere so you can’t miss them. It was a very tough day, but there were so many lessons out of that day. “

“It’s not like, ‘I could have done this better’, it was more like the experience and everything that happened over that night. I took so many things with me. To be there this year again is something special and we are going to give everything that we have, and hopefully that’s enough,” he added.

Van Dijk won the PFA Player Of The Year award for his solid performances for Liverpool. He has been delivering results consistently, thwarting opponents from splitting and exposing their backline. The player deserves to win the Champions League for the work he did for the Merseyside club this season.

Author’s Take

An all-English final in the UEFA Champions League. Both Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur will be motivated to win the trophy. They have reached here passing through difficult states and needed some really miraculous work in the Champions League final. As Virgil stated, Liverpool and he would be giving all they have got to win the Champions League.

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