Saturday, January 29, 2022

What Can We Learn From Manchester City’s January Transfer Window


The Premier League title race is undeniably over. Liverpool have a huge nineteen point advantage and we are only at matchday 25. Manchester City and Pep Guardiola will be contemplating at the end of the season where they went wrong.

Although it is true that they had many injury problems, it cannot be used as an excuse. The front runners, Liverpool also had their fair share of injuries. This is a part of the modern-day game.

Manchester City and the January Transfer Window

Many football fans will be looking at City’s market activity and wondering at their inactivity. They definitely had weaknesses. Injuries to Aymeric Laporte and the loss of veteran Vincent Kompany last year meant that they were vulnerable in defence. That definitely turned out to be the case.

John Stones and Nicolas Otamendi have struggled for form lately. Fernandinho, a natural defensive midfielder was often given the duty of center back.  Eric Garci and Taylor Harwood-Bellis had given the feeling that they had a deep squad.

Manchester City’s Changing Ways

Many had hoped that come to the January transfer window and all their problems would be solved as that is the way the city usually works. But things are different now for City. They no longer are spending millions after millions as they used to in the previous years.

Cityzens, so used to Sheikh Mansour’s way of sorting out problems by the use of cash were hoping for a new center back this window. The Manchester club no longer works that way. They now have a well thought of a plan on how to act in the transfer market. They now operate based on their revenue, not just by their owner’s checkbook.

When Sane, who was likely to move to Bayern Munich last summer, got injured and remained at City, they could not afford another player. With the likes of Aymeric Laporte and Leroy Sane returning from injury after many months, the City will once again have their top squad at their disposal.

The Sky Blues will be looking to go the distance in the Champions League. The European cup, which has eluded them for so many years will now be their main target. For this, they require a full squad and support from the many spoilt fans who are with the club only when they win.


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