What Griezmann did after he was banned from FIFA 15 will massively surprise you!

Antoine Griezmann was reportedly left distraught after his account in FIFA 15 was banned for buying ultimate team coins according to an Ex-EA employee.

The 28 year old Frenchman who joined Barcelona from Atletico Madrid earlier this year was reportedly banned from FIFA 15 for buying illegal FUT points, according to ex-EA community manager Chukwuma Morah. Morah, who is better known by his online alias of ‘Chu Boi’, served as EA’s Community Manager for FIFA for a number of years before stepping down from the role in 2015 shortly after FIFA 15 was launched.

Morah now works in eSports for Manchester United, as well as dabbling in presenting FIFA tournaments alongside other online personalities like Spencer FC. He recently took to twitter to share the hilarious true story of how one of modern football’s elite stars in Antoine Griezmann ended up getting banned by FIFA explaining the reason behind the same.

Griezmann had previously made his love for video games public when he spoke about his exploits on both FIFA and Football Manager. The French international however ran into trouble when he tried to purchase FUT credits from a fraudulent site in exchange for hard cash. The practice of buying and selling coins in the online mode is hardly a new thing for FIFA who have hardened their stance on the practice in recent times.

Griezmann act didn’t go unnoticed by EA as his account as he was banned from buying any further coins. Chu Boi claims that the World Cup winner was so upset that he rang up the French EA office in order to find out what had happened and eventually had to be returned his players. Griezmann was thus able to recover his account but not his credits. The detail was later clarified by Chu Boi himself.

Fans on social media weren’t particularly pleased with the special treatment meted out to Griezmann owing to his celebrity status. Morah tried to calm down the situation explaining that the French international was only returned his players back and not the coins he had bought. He even went on to explain how professional players often misinterpreted coin buying a legitimate way of improving their ultimate teams.

Twitter users hardly seem to have bought the explanation judging by the fact that the same actions would have got other players banned permanently from FIFA. FIFA, on the other hand, can hardly be blamed for their actions considering the fact that a player of Griezmann’s caliber playing and speaking about the game from time to time is an invaluable advertising showcase for the studio.

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