World Cup 2019: Team-wise combined salaries of all players

A significant revenue generated by the cricket boards from all around the world goes into the salaries of the players. Depending upon their abilities and the number of formats that they play, the players are usually divided into several categories for their central contracts. Often, the players who feature regularly for the team are placed in a higher price bracket.

Apart from this, the cricketers also earn through match fees, special performance appraisals, et al from their respective boards. Every year, these central contract lists are updated. Based upon the current form of the player and their performances, they either manage to retain the contracts or get removed. Almost every player featuring in the World Cup 2019 has got a central contract. Here is what the estimate of their combined salary could be, team-wise.

Here are combined salaries of the players from the ten World Cup squads:

1. New Zealand | $2,625,000 (around INR 18.72 crores)

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) announced the central contracts for the 2019-20 season just a few weeks ago. The cricket board decided to award the contracts to 20 players. While three players were included to the list, three cricketers who got a contract during the 2018-19 season had to miss out. The top 20 players are also ranked from 1-20 and get their salaries accordingly.

NZC hasn’t revealed the exact payment made to these players. But according to the website Stuff, the retainers ranged from $236,000 for the top-ranked down to $100,000 for 18-20. These figures are for the 2018-19 season and might have increased for this calendar year. Thus, the average salary for a player could be anywhere around $180,000 (Rs 1.2 lakhs). Since all the 15 players taking part in the World Cup are centrally contracted, the sum of their salaries could add up to $2,700,000 dollars approximately.

2. Afghanistan | $105,000 (around INR 72.82 lakhs)

There isn’t a highly formalised central contract scheme for Afghanistan players. Apparently, the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) pays its cricketers on a monthly basis. The pay is high for the senior cricketers while it scales down for the relatively new cricketers. When Asghar Afghan was the captain of the team, he was the highest paid cricketer in the team. But since there are three different captains for three formats now, the situation might be slightly different.

Indian giant Amul is now the principal sponsor of Afghanistan cricket for the World Cup. There are a few other sponsors for the team as well and thus the revenue that the board generates has increased. As per the reports in SportsMaza, the monthly salaries for these cricketers range from $700 to $400. Thus, on average, it is about $550 dollars per month and that sums up to around $6,600 per cricketer for an annual year. If we round that off to $7,000 (Rs 4.86 lakhs) keeping various bonuses and additional salaries for the captains in mind, the squad earns about $105,000 dollars per year.

3. Bangladesh | $455,000 (around INR 3.15 crores)

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) awarded annual central contracts to 12 cricketers this year. While five cricketers were placed in the ‘Grade A+’ category, three others got a ‘Grade A’ contract. The remaining four cricketers were placed in the ‘Grade B’ category. Apart from this, the board placed five cricketers in the ‘Rookie’ category.

According to Wikipedia, the salaries for these four grades are $57,000 (Rs 39.59 lakhs) , $43,000 (Rs 29.87 lakhs), $28,000 (Rs 19.45 lakhs) and $14,000 (Rs 9.72 lakhs) respectively. Since Grade C and Grade D have been dissolved quite recently, it made it possible for the board to increase the salaries of the players as the ones who have the central contracts now are relatively lesser. Only 11 players out of the 15 in the World Cup squad have a central contract and it all sums up to $455,000 per annum.

4. Sri Lanka | $2,502,280 (around INR 17.35 crores)

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) last announced its annual central contracts in May 2018 and it yet to update it for the current calendar year. The board made a massive 34 per cent profit last year and thus the salaries of all the players were increased significantly. SLC assigned national contracts to a total of 33 cricketers along with the pay hike last year.

All the players were divided into five categories – A, B, C, D and Premier. According to Sports Eon, 11 players in the 15-member squad currently have a central contract. The total sum of their salaries is approximately $2,502,280. While Grade A cricketers get $509,000 (Rs 3.53 crores), Grade B, C, and D get paid $268,000 (Rs 1.86 crores), $181,570 (Rs 1.26 crores) and $91,740 (Rs 63.72 lakhs) respectively. The premier category players get a salary of $52,420 (Rs 36.41 lakhs) per annum.

5. Windies | $1,850,000 (around INR 12.83 crores)

Cricket West Indies (WI) has awarded a total of 18 cricketers with the annual contract in October 2018 and these contracts will be valid till 30 June 2019. The players were categorised based upon the number of formats that they play. There were four all-format retainers and three white-ball retainers. Eight players managed to get a red-ball cricket contract while three players were put in the Development Retainers category.

Evin Lewis, who was awarded the contract at first, declined it. The CWI pays $300,000 (Rs 2.08 crores) per annum to the all-format retainers. The red-ball and white-ball retainers are expected to earn about $250,000 (Rs 1.73 crores) or $200,000 9 (Rs 1.39 crores) per annum depending on the experience. Only 7 out of the 15 players in the Windies team have got central contracts. Thus, overall, the players in the Windies squad earn a total of $1,850,000 as their salary approximately.

6. South Africa | $3,650,000 (around INR 25.32 crores)

For the 2019-20 season, Cricket South Africa (CSA) awarded annual central contracts to 16 players. Veteran cricketers JP Duminy and Imran Tahir’s contracts weren’t renewed though. Reeza Hendricks and Theunis de Bruyn were the new additions to this contract list this year. The salaries for the Proteas cricketers are quite low when compared to some of the other major cricket playing nations.

Thus, we often see their players incline towards county cricket or various T20 leagues. The highest salary received by a South African cricketer is around $500,000 9Rs 3.47 crores) and is received by the players who play all the three formats. Meanwhile, the lowest could hover approximately $175,000 (Rs 1.2 crores). Excluding Dale Steyn, who was ruled out of the tournament, 9 players from the current South African squad have got a central contract. Together, their salaries add up to around INR 25.32 crores.

7. England | €9,950,000 (around INR 78.31 crores)

The England Cricket Board (ECB) awarded 10 Test contracts and 13 white-ball contracts in September 2018. Tom Curran, on the other hand, was a recipient of an incremental contract. All the players are ranked according to their performances, off-field contributions, fielding and fitness. Then, their salaries correspond to the ranks that are given. ECB gives a lot of importance to Test cricket. The red-ball players have their salary fully paid by the ECB while the white-ball contracts receive a supplement on the top of their county contract.

According to Metro, the salaries for the 2017-18 season ranged between €120,000 (Rs 1.05 crores) and €1,500,000 (Rs 13.24 crores). Alastair Cook received the highest salary but he is now retired. The pay structure is expected to be the same for the 2019-20 season as well. The ECB is likely to increase the contracts manifold in 2020 since there will be a new broadcast deal. 12 players in the World Cup squad have a central contract and they nearly get a crore euros as their salary.

8. Pakistan | PKR 8,28,00,000 (around INR 3.91 crores)

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced the central contracts for the cricketers in August 2018. All the 33 players who were awarded the contracts were divided into five categories. As per the new contracts, the salary for each of the category was increased between 25 and 30 per cent and also the Match Fees was increased by 20 per cent across categories. The new ‘Category E’ which has introduced rewards the top performers in domestic cricket.

As per the reports in SamaaTV, the board pays PKR 0.8 million (Rs 3.8 lakhs) per month for the Category A players. The remaining four categories get paid PKR 0.5 million (Rs 2.37 lakhs), PKR 0.35 million (Rs 1.6 lakhs), PKR 0.2 million and PKR 0.1 million per month respectively. All the players in the Pakistan World Cup squad except Mohammad Hasnain are centrally contracted. In total, they earn PKR 8,28,00,000 per year.

9. Australia | AUD 4,171,500 (around INR 20.26 crores)

Cricket Australia (CA) and Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) were involved in one of the biggest pay disputes of all-time. Earlier, the players used to get 26 per cent of the revenue share. But now, it has been agreed that 30 per cent of the revenue will be shared with the players. The agreed revenue is made up of 27.5 per cent of forecast revenue streams and a 2.5 per cent performance pool.

The base salary for a male international cricketer is now AUD 278,100 (Rs 1.34 crores) for the first year of this agreement. That will rise by 15.9 per cent in the last year of the agreement in 2021-2022 to AUD 313,004 (Rs 1.51 crores). The entire deal for the next five years is worth about AUD 500 million. Thus, only the base salary of the 15 cricketers in the Australian squad sums up to AUD 4,171,500 per year. The 13 cricketers who are a part of the central contract also get the revenue share above the base salary.

10. India | INR 62 crores (nearly $89.35k)

The Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) is the richest cricket board in the world. 25 Indian cricketers, who were divided into four categories, were awarded the central contracts for 2019-20. The salaries of Indian players are quite high when compared to most of the other nations. Grade A+, A, B and C are paid INR 7 crores, INR 5 crores, INR 3 crores and INR 1 crore respectively.

14 out of the 15 players who are a part of the Indian World Cup squad have a central contract. Since Vijay Shankar is relatively new to the set-up, he is yet to earn his contract. The players in the India squad earn INR 62 crores combined. Virat Kohli, Jasprit Bumrah and Rohit Sharma – at INR 7 crores each – earn the highest salary in the team.

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