5 Wrestlers that should not Sign/Re-sign with WWE

With WWE’s roster changing on a weekly basis, here is a list of wrestlers that should not sign with the company

WWE is the only big league left in the Wrestling world. With the demise of WCW, the McMahon’s have morphed the company into a big media house transforming the polish of Pro Wrestling into the performance arts skill of Sports Entertainment. The monopoly has created the millennials who have limited exposure and are often toned down on television losing their original character.

The Big league hasn’t been flexible and accommodative for the talent which has created a healthy independent scene in recent times that exercise and advertise the real persona of a talent, thus giving them an alternative option.

Here is my list of 5 superstars who should not sign/resign with WWE

Kazuchika Okada

The white meat babyface Okada is a modern day great, to say the least. His shine lies in his serenity with a fiery come back to empower the true gimmick of a furnished face. His 6, 6.5-star matches with Omega as reviewed by Dave Meltzer have taken him on to another magnitude

Okada’s ability lies in manoeuvring a move to materialize a match which can be executed in New Japan Pro Wrestling. WWE is the land of giants and it doesn’t usually understand the foreign talent moulding it into an amateur which more or less kills the character. Okada should be the flag bearer of NJPW to replace Hiroshi Tanahashi in the long run.


Ricochet has developed a good name in the independent circuit. His unique style coordinating the high fly shenanigans of the modern era with the strong style vintage stuff. His match with Will Ospreay gathered headlines last year polarizing the Wrestling fraternity in the process.

Ricochet would become an anonymous figure in WWE as just another cruiserweight whose push and a peak is limited to an extent. He has a free-flowing style and his views are often misunderstood which can create more heat in that infamous WWE locker room

Rey Mysterio

There has been a lot of speculation in recent times as to where will Rey Mysterio will end up this year. WWE and GFW/TNA/Impact Wrestling blah blah blah have emerged as the prime contenders but with Lucha Underground renewed for the fourth season, Mysterio should return to a promotion which revitalized, revamped and rejuvenated his career.

We don’t want to see Mysterio going through the rigours of a tough WWE schedule both in terms of part time and full time that could affect his turbulent knee. He has nothing to prove in his accomplished career which has spanned over 2 decades and is still going strong without the shine of WWE.

Dolph Ziggler

The curious case of degenerated Dolph has just become despicable in recent times. Stop-start pushes has degraded his gimmick beyond repair and his glorious burials have made him delirious in recent times. He made a mistake resigning with the company last year and should rectify it by asking for release this time around to explore the freedom of independent circuit which has commemorated Cody Rhodes and Austin Aries in recent times.


Dolph is 37 years old now, it is high time he powers his perception to derive a definitive decision on his deteriorating decorum.

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega is the greatest performer in pro wrestling entertainment right now. I mixed Pro wrestling and Sports Entertainment in this context because he can do both with equal conviction and tenacity. He knows how to tell a story in the ring which is slowly becoming a lost art in this business. His promos are flawless in that foreign language which can even pop a sophisticated Japanese crowd. His trilogy with Okada bringing out over the top shades by pursuing psychology and maintaining believability was Elite.

WWE won’t necessarily be a bad place for his character plus we can get to see some dream matches as well, as a fan I am looking forward to watching Jericho Omega clash at the Wrestle Kingdom 12 sighted as Alpha vs Omega. My concern regarding him joining WWE is the physical aspect that he plasters to make a match pivotal in a promotion. I don’t believe he can have his style of matches in WWE which will eventually push him down the card resulting in frustration and backlash.

Author’s Take

WWE has switched its methodology from quality to quantity in recent times that has hurt both the product and talent who have been used as fillers with limited character development focusing on occurrence rather than appearance. Wrestlers need to realize where their priorities lie because in wrestling environment exposure in a mediocre company is sometimes bigger than being just another employee in a Big Brand.

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