WWE Veteran released from the company

After serving the WWE for 3 decades, WWE has come to terms with the release of veteran music composer Jim Johnston.

The news was divulged by a tweet from ThemeTitan, which is the company’s music division’s social media account. Here’s the tweet that confirmed Johnston’s departure:

Johnston played a huge role in composing several iconic entrance themes over the years. From the iconic “Bell toll” of The Undertaker to the “Shattering Glass” of  Stone Cold Steve Austin, Johnston was responsible for creating an image of the wrestler through his entrance music.

Jim Johnston

Former WWE music composer Jim Johnston

Apart from that, Johnston was also in charge of the soundtrack in several WWE studios movies and other ventures of the company which included World Bodybuilding Federation and XFL.

Johnston was handed a secondary role in the company ever since CFO$’s arrival. The duo were handed over the music reigns in 2014.  In another tweet, ThemeTitan discussed Johnston’s terms of departure. It has been speculated that his departure was not meet with mutual terms. Also, Johnston did not mentor his successors CFO$.

This might indicate that the veteran did not have a good relationship with the newcomers as it is natural in the business to guide the apprentice.

Johnston was featured in the WWE documentary, Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE. In the documentary, he talked about his experiences composing music in his vast career.

 Author’s take:

Jim Johnston was a pillar when it came to the WWE Music Division. His music still brings nostalgia to every wrestling fan. Furthermore, he is one of the very few people, who have been through all the eras and the transitions that the company has gone through. Despite not being part of the company anymore, his music will live on in the hearts of the WWE Universe.  All left to do now is wish Jim Johnston the best of luck in all future projects. Hopefully, one day we will see him in the prestigious Hall Of Fame.

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